So much of our politics today are wrapped up in these performances. If you’re going to get anything done, you’ve got to have a bigger tent. I’m here to get things done.


I was one of those angry drivers! In my life I was racing so hard, pushing so much, and I was creating so much turmoil for myself and others.


To be honest I felt dumb, especially compared to them. When I eventually went to college at 32 it was a little bit of proving to myself that I could do it too. My first class that I got an A just astounded me.


It’s really important to have sense of purpose in life generally. For example, I work in finance right now and it’s easy to get jaded there. The way I can feel good still is by trying to help as many people as I can not have to worry about money


Even if you suck, if you’re trying hard and people can see that, they’ll help you. They’ll give you work, give you supplies, even give you a horse.


“I used to live in a nice ranch before my parents got divorced and my dad went back down to Mexico. Now I’m with my mom in a trailer home.”


“I said son who cares bout your wages, what you need is benefits. You look at your $20 an hour and think its all that but it’s not gon’ do you a lick of good when you get sick. You see real quick that it goes like that. And then what’s all that doll’n’hour got you?”


“Not much you can do now. We’re too far gone. So we have to do it on our own. The only way we get by is by helping each other. Like look that guy across the street. He doesn’t own that building but there he is cutting the grass.”


“I got lucky last month and got a check from a settlement with Hearst Magazines. I got a check for $98. I needed that. That really made a difference for me. Not enough but it helped.”


“You don’t want a life with so much hurrying. Because then you wake up one day and realize it’s all gone. But you don’t want to be turtle-ish either.”